May 22, 2007

Time Out!

Greetings, blog browsers. Well, lots has been going down. Let's see...I've recently finished shooting my first music video with my band The XYZ Affair. It was one of the most incredible--and nerve racking--experiences of my life. We're releasing it in July along at a big spooty release show/party with around 300 of our closest friends. It'll be great.

The video includes some Nickelodeon stars from years past, including Marc Summers, Michael Marona (Pete & Pete), Jason Zimbler (Clarissa Explains it All), and Danny Cooksey (Salute Your Shorts, Terminator 2). We were surprised that any of them agreed to do it, especially since we shot it in our dirt-hole of an apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Not that I'm knocking Bushwick, I'm just surprised that Marc Summers voluntarily delivered himself to our desolate building--which sits across from a sizable meat distribution plant, mind you--at 8 in the morning. Truly astounding.

So It's been quiet around here, and will most likely continue to be. In case you haven't been following, I'm currently on hiatus from starting/running The Visual Field, and getting some agency experience at RDA International. You know how it is, the whole responsible, health-insuranced, full-time thing. I'll be doing the occasional Visual Field project where the interest and inspiration strikes me, but mostly I'll be working with some great clients at RDA, even spearheading some of my own brand campaigns, and having fun with my band.

Sounds like a great way to spend to the summer.

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