Mar 4, 2007


It's such a cute term, but I finally understand what that term really means. I feel as though I've been squeezed out of someone's rectum. I've been "out of the office" for the past couple weeks, but with reason. Let's see...My band made a 4 day tear across the mid-Atlantic region of the US, I started an on-site freelance job at RDA International (More on that later), and I've been trying desperately to get two jobs under the masthead of The Visual Field done ASAP.

Needless to say, the projects aren't finished. But they've both come a long way in a very short time (compared of course to the long stretch of time in which they were moving very slowly). This next week I've got to close out a site for Penguin publishers as well as get as close as possible to finishing a site for Great City Productions.

I've been at RDA now for 2.5 weeks and apart from their fancy office with walls made of copper, I've come to find that they're very nice people too. I started on a rather conservative banner ad set for Eucerin skin products, moved on to a mini-site and online positioning project for Nivea Visage, and Monday I'm talking to some higher-ups about working on the online branding for a new hotel chain by W Hotels.

Forgoing all amusement this weekend, I attempted to finish the Great City Productions site to no avail. It is much closer though.

I'm also learning PHP and MySQL to finish the Penguin site. That's a ball, let me tell you. If you ever hear anyone say that learning two coding languages at once and trouble shooting a complex application which involves user and server-side communication isn't fun, you tell them you heard otherwise.